Analytical Sampling

The MGMH makes reference quality material available to qualified researchers for destructive research upon submission and approval of written requests. Prior to submitting a written request for permission to conduct analytical sampling, researchers are encouraged to schedule a visit to the museum. This visit will enable the researcher to conduct an assessment of the collection and to select the exact specimens for which sampling permission is sought.

To arrange a research visit and/or request material for destructive research please contact museum staff at Requestors should review, complete, and submit the request to conduct analytical sampling form. Also required is a separate research request that should include the following information: 

  • Date of request.
  • Requestor’s name, institutional affiliation, address, telephone number, and e-mail address.
  • Description of the project, including its significance, research methodology, and expected results.
  • Type of analysis proposed and information about who will perform this analysis, including name of institution and full contact information.
  • Explanation why noninvasive or nondestructive analyses cannot be used to address the research questions.
  • Discussion of other possible sources of objects and explanation of why the museum’s collections represent the only or best source for sampling.
  • List of specific items requested for sampling, including MGMH catalogue numbers if known.
  • Sample or size and/or weight of material needed.
  • If the requestor is a student, the request must be accompanied by a letter supporting the project from the faculty member supervising the student.

Please allow up to two weeks for museum staff to respond to written requests.

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